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Planning Approval, Listed Building Consent and Building Warrant approved


Clancy Consulting


Studio Stravaig

Design for the refurbishment and extension of a Cat.B detached former schoolhouse in the conservation village of Eaglesham. This proposal adopts a sensitive and sustainable approach towards refurbishment with the aim of mitigating dampness and improving insulation. Works include timber replacement windows, removal of non-breathable paint, installation of a new Limecrete ground floor construction and improved perimeter drainage.

The existing rear extensions are upgraded and extended to provide a more meaningful link to the existing house and a more flexible, future-proof layout. Alterations to the immediate rear garden area include new terraced steps, a pond and planters to help enhance the connection between house and garden, whilst providing the client with additional privacy from the busy street. 

The new detached outbuilding provides a multi-use space for our artist client, as well as a gardening and log store. From the initial starting point of a basic rectangular form, the block has been sculpted to address the sensitive context and take advantage of the mature garden setting. Nestled at the mid-garden level, the roof follows the slope of the ‘The Orry’ and the walls are angled to mirror or follow existing boundaries. The material palette of natural cedar cladding and a green roof sets the outbuilding as a contrasting structure from the main house but blends it tonally and sympathetically to the natural setting. 

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