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We provide a full range of architectural services from feasibility studies and sketch designs to planning applications, building warrant applications, tender and administration of the project during construction. 

We are experienced in dealing with existing buildings, examining how redundant buildings and spaces can be reused or re-imagined for a new purpose or focus. We are interested in the history of places and the buildings and structures which contribute to define them. Where the opportunity presents itself dealing with an existing fabric or structure we try to understand what the architectural value of the structure is and how it can help to give a voice, understanding or logic to any new intervention.  

We place value in the art of making things, working in a manner that is hand-crafted. We use freehand sketches, hand-made models and 3D visualizations in order to unlock and understand this relationship between old and new. Research is an important part of our design process which we carry out when relevant to investigate existing structures and construction methods which can lead to further harmonisation in detail between old and new whilst avoiding pastiche representation.

Cheeseloft_6 Outside After_RED.jpg

We believe that a successful project is realized when all parties contribute to the process in order to achieve a well-designed environment that is socially and physically accessible to all users. Our designs embody a holistic sustainable approach by using materials that are robust and low maintenance, to creating flexibility within the planning and servicing strategy, and where appropriate adopting integrated renewable technology.

Diagonal Lines
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With new builds, we always adopt a fabric first approach to provide a highly insulated and airtight external envelope to homes and where possible try to combine this with technological innovations in renewable energy to deliver low to zero carbon houses.

We are passionate about the sustainable logic of re-using existing buildings. This emanates from our own approach to sustainability which is based on common opinion that retaining and adapting structures that already exist inherently requires less energy than demolishing and building from scratch. 

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